Capture One for the iPad – Edit on the go

Capture One has made multiple mentions of bringing their software to the iPad over the past couple of years, but recently an announcement they made suggests it’s finally around the corner! No release date has been specified yet but beta testing will begin in April 2022.

Tethered Shooting

With the USB-C and USB-C compatible Thunderbolt ports available in future iPads (and the most recent pro models) photographers will have the ability to shoot tethered directly to the iPad.

This opens up the flexibility at a photoshoot, with the option to choose between shooting to a larger monitor or to the smaller but more portable screen of the iPad.

Applying Masks

Exactly like the desktop version of Capture One, you’ll be able to create complex and precise masks. Applying these via the iPad simply involves either using an Apple Pencil or your finger to draw your masks.

File Sharing across platforms

Capture One has announced that their first release of Capture One for the iPad will only support file sharing from the iPad to Capture One Pro on desktop. However this is temporary and they plan to implement fully flexible file sharing in the future, allowing for file transfer from iPad to desktop, and desktop to iPad.

Alongside this, they hope to introduce a full synchronisation service that will allow users to access their images via any device and see edits made in real-time across all devices.

Compatibility with the iPad

Like any platform that comes from desktop to a handheld device, some necessary adjustments have been made to the layout of tools/the way they are used etc. The way in which we hold and use a tablet will of course be completely different to using a mouse via desktop and Capture One are ensuring the layout of Capture One for iPad will be compatible and efficient.

However, the core engine of Capture One for the iPad is identical to Capture One Pro on desktop, meaning you can expect to see the exact same quality and functionality on the iPad as you can on desktop.

iPad USB-C Ports and the M1 Chip

Apple recently announced their newest iPads will be equipped with a USB-C port and the powerful M1 chip, creating a no brainer opportunity to take advantage of the iPad for Capture One.

The USB-C port will allow for tethered shooting and the M1 chip enhances the overall power and performance of the device. Check out our other post where we discuss the benefits of the M1 Chip.

Only the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021) and 11-inch iPad Pro (2021) contain the M1 chip currently, with both also benefiting from the Thunderbolt port.

Thunderbolt ports are fully compatible with USB-C devices and cables, but Thunderbolt ports offer several features that make them stand out from USB-C ports

This includes the ability to daisy-chain two 4K monitors or support a single 8K monitor, and data transfer speeds of up to 3,000 megabytes per second. Perfect for photographers looking to shoot tethered to their iPad!

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