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Capture One Support for Apple M1

Finally, the most recent Capture One 21 update (14.2.0) brings with it native support for the Apple M1! With industry-leading performance, powerful features and incredible efficiency, M1 is Apple’s first chip designed specifically for the Mac.

Many Professional Photographers know the pain of having a Mac book that has heated up to volcanic temperatures sitting on your lap, with battery life dwindling at a rapid rate as you cram to finish your edits, often with stuttering performance rates and lag on task such as masking.

Well, the M1 delivers up to 3.5x faster CPU performance, up to 6x faster GPU performance and up to 15x faster machine learning, all while enabling battery life up to 2x longer than previous-generation Macs. To top it all off, the heat management is vastly improved and the fans barley have to put any work in, keeping M1’s cool and quiet.

For non Apple users and those with Intel, you may be thinking this isn’t of relevance to you, and you’d be completely wrong! In order to develop this update for M1 support, Capture One have had to entirely unravel the code to refine it, meaning there will be improvements for all Capture One Users – regardless of system.

Other Update Information

Metal support

Capture One 21 (14.2.0) is natively supported on Apple Silicon (M1) machines. Additionally, Hardware Acceleration on Apple Silicon (M1) machines will run through Metal. Hardware Acceleration on Windows and Intel-based Apple machines still runs through OpenCL.

FireWire support removed

FireWire tethering is no longer support in Capture One 21 (14.2.0) and forward.

Apple and Microsoft have made updates to their architecture and we can no longer maintain firewire tethering support on ARM and Intel based computers from Capture One 21 (14.2.0).

It will still be possible to use Capture One 21 (14.1.1) and earlier versions for firewire tethering.
To use firewire tethering make sure to run the below OS versions:

  • MacOS versions prior to 11.0 (Big Sur)
  • Windows 10 versions prior to Windows 10 build 1903

JPEG2000 & JPEG XR support removed

As mentioned in our pervious blog post regarding Capture One updates, JPEG2000 and JPEG XR are no longer supported in Capture One 21 (14.2.0) and forward. Users will no longer be able to view, edit, or export to these formats. Existing Process Recipes using these formats have been automatically migrated to uncompressed 16-bit TIFF instead. This avoids any unwanted loss of quality.

New Camera Support

  • Sony a7R IIIa (ILCE-7M3A)
  • Sony a7R IVa (ILCE-7M4A)

New Lens Support

  • Fujifilm Fujinon GF100-200mm F5.6 R LM OIS WR
  • Fujifilm Fujinon XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR + 1.4X TC F2 WR
  • Leica APO-Elmar-S 180mm f/3.5 (CS)
  • Sony FE 14mm F1.8 GM (SEL14F18GM)
  • Sony FE 24mm F2.8 G (SEL24F28G)

Bug Fixes


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