Capture One for the iPad – Edit on the go

Capture One has made multiple mentions of bringing their software to the iPad over the past couple of years, but recently an announcement they made suggests it’s finally around the corner! No release date has been specified yet but beta testing will begin in April 2022. Tethered Shooting With the USB-C and USB-C compatible ThunderboltContinue reading “Capture One for the iPad – Edit on the go”

Capture One 22 – What new Features are Included?

With the official release date set for the 9th of December 2021, here are all the new features you can expect to see with the new version. Panorama StitchingHDR MergingWireless Support for Canon Auto Rotate Panorama Stitching Panorama stitching involves taking multiple photos of one scene and stitching them together using software to create anContinue reading “Capture One 22 – What new Features are Included?”

Capture One 21 – Update 14.4.0 – Add back the Export tool tab

New Features Additional Exporter options Sigma tethering Password protected sessions for Capture One Live Cross recipe tokens Magic Brush Adjustment Shortcut Improvements New camera/lens support Bug fixes New Features Additional Exporter Options After an out pouring of feedback (mostly negative) about the new exporter, Capture One have decided to introduce the ability to manually addContinue reading “Capture One 21 – Update 14.4.0 – Add back the Export tool tab”

Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.1 – Introducing Capture One Live

Capture One Live is a service that integrates with Capture One Pro and allows Photographers to share any photo folder in real time with their clients, who can then view and rate them from their own device. This allows for more collaboration between photographer and client, making it far easier for you both to beContinue reading “Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.1 – Introducing Capture One Live”

Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.0 – NEW Magic Brush & More

Capture One 21 has released a new update version 14.3.0, introducing a brand new masking tool called the ‘Magic Brush’ and other user interface improvements, bug fixes and added camera support. New features/Improvements Magic Brush Improved Exporter Asset Management Tethering Improvement Additional Camera and Lens Support Magic Brush tool The Magic Brush tool is anContinue reading “Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.0 – NEW Magic Brush & More”

The Photography Show is back at NEC for the first time since 2019!

The Photography Show is an event in the UK for anyone with a passion for photography, whether you’ve been a professional photographer for 10 years or you’re a beginner exploring a new hobby. All are welcome to the event where you can listen to talks and demos on a huge range of topics held byContinue reading “The Photography Show is back at NEC for the first time since 2019!”

Cascable – Finally, a mobile app for the Phase One IQ4!

Phase One have teamed up with Cascable, creators of a leading photography workflow app, to develop a dedicated IOS app for the Phase One IQ4! Shoot, automate, manage, and much more all from your mobile device. What kind of features are available? The exact features available in the Cascable app will depend on which cameraContinue reading “Cascable – Finally, a mobile app for the Phase One IQ4!”

Capture One Support for Apple M1

Finally, the most recent Capture One 21 update (14.2.0) brings with it native support for the Apple M1! With industry-leading performance, powerful features and incredible efficiency, M1 is Appleā€™s first chip designed specifically for the Mac. Many Professional Photographers know the pain of having a Mac book that has heated up to volcanic temperatures sittingContinue reading “Capture One Support for Apple M1”

Capture One 21 – Version 14.1.0

The most recent Capture One 21 Update 14.1.0 brings with it some exciting new features to the editing software, along with several UI improvements, added camera/lens support and important bug fixes to upgrade and refine the Capture One experience! New features Style Brushes Import Viewer Additional ProStandard Profiles Leica Live-View with zoom & pan UIContinue reading “Capture One 21 – Version 14.1.0”

The X-Shutter Now Available With Select Rodenstock Lenses

We’ve got a very exciting announcement to share with you! Finally, the long-awaited availability of the X-Shutter to be used with the IQ4 Digital Backs in combination with Rodenstock and/or Schneider lenses. The X-Shutter is an electronic leaf shutter that is a drop-in replacement for the Copal Shutters (which have become increasingly difficult to obtain)Continue reading “The X-Shutter Now Available With Select Rodenstock Lenses”

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