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What makes the broncolor Para different?

The magic of parabolic lighting There are many modifiers on the market that claim to be ‘parabolic’ in shape, but very few of them actually are. True parabolic lights produce a beautiful, sparkly light which is very flattering when it comes to skin tone and ideal for bringing out the detail in textures. The shapeContinue reading “What makes the broncolor Para different?”


Cambo Actus-MV Camera

Maximum Versatility Actus-MV: MV stands for Maximum Versatility. Following the success of the Actus, the new Actus-MV is nothing short of a miniature marvel! The Actus-MV is a fully adjustable view camera that is still compact enough to be your companion for use in the field. It works equally well with digital backs, mirrorless cameraContinue reading “Cambo Actus-MV Camera”

#flashafruit & win

And the winners of the broncolor #flashafruit challenge 2022 are We would like to thank all the photographers who participated in this competition and congratulations to the 3 winners. Please feel free to explore these photographers work by clicking the links below. Join the broncolor food photography challenge 2022: share your best fruit photo onContinue reading “#flashafruit & win”

Capture One 22 – What new Features are Included?

With the official release date set for the 9th of December 2021, here are all the new features you can expect to see with the new version. Panorama StitchingHDR MergingWireless Support for Canon Auto Rotate Panorama Stitching Panorama stitching involves taking multiple photos of one scene and stitching them together using software to create anContinue reading “Capture One 22 – What new Features are Included?”

Capturing the Beauty of Natural Landscapes – Steven Friedman

Imagine finding a 35mm camera, accidentally left behind by its owner in a beautiful nature park at one of the many viewpoints. Almost like the perfect invitation to pick it up and try it out. With no prior experience in photography, Economics graduate Steven Friedman was intrigued after coming across the discarded camera on oneContinue reading “Capturing the Beauty of Natural Landscapes – Steven Friedman”

Is Medium Format worth it?

What is Medium Format? Medium Format refers to a camera that has a sensor size larger than 35mm. This sensor size allows for a wide variety of impressive benefits including extremely high image quality, near perfect colour accuracy, wider dynamic range and much more. But is it really worth the price tag that accompanies it?Continue reading “Is Medium Format worth it?”

Capture One 21 – Update 14.4.0 – Add back the Export tool tab

New Features Additional Exporter options Sigma tethering Password protected sessions for Capture One Live Cross recipe tokens Magic Brush Adjustment Shortcut Improvements New camera/lens support Bug fixes New Features Additional Exporter Options After an out pouring of feedback (mostly negative) about the new exporter, Capture One have decided to introduce the ability to manually addContinue reading “Capture One 21 – Update 14.4.0 – Add back the Export tool tab”

Best Camera Bags to Buy in 2021

Camera bags are an essential piece of kit in any photographer’s collection. Before diving into the array of brands, colours and other exciting choices available you must first ask yourself – “What type of bag am I after?” Camera Backpacks A fantastic choice especially for travelling Photographers who spend their time hiking to remote locations. ForContinue reading “Best Camera Bags to Buy in 2021”

Documenting the lives of ‘The Mountain Men’ – Jeroen Nieuwhuis

Jeroen Nieuwhuis is a professional photographer from the Netherlands who specializes in Commercial & Portraiture photography. Discovering a passion for Photography At the young age of 11 he loved to skateboard, but found his love didn’t quite match his skill level as he wasn’t very good at it! However, this lead him to becoming moreContinue reading “Documenting the lives of ‘The Mountain Men’ – Jeroen Nieuwhuis”

Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.1 – Introducing Capture One Live

Capture One Live is a service that integrates with Capture One Pro and allows Photographers to share any photo folder in real time with their clients, who can then view and rate them from their own device. This allows for more collaboration between photographer and client, making it far easier for you both to beContinue reading “Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.1 – Introducing Capture One Live”

Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.0 – NEW Magic Brush & More

Capture One 21 has released a new update version 14.3.0, introducing a brand new masking tool called the ‘Magic Brush’ and other user interface improvements, bug fixes and added camera support. New features/Improvements Magic Brush Improved Exporter Asset Management Tethering Improvement Additional Camera and Lens Support Magic Brush tool The Magic Brush tool is anContinue reading “Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.0 – NEW Magic Brush & More”

Which Arca Swiss Tripod heads are best for which photography genres?

Does it really matter? Yes! It absolutely matters when choosing the appropriate photography gear that you make sure it suits the specific needs of your photoshoot, even when it comes to your tripod head. Are you going to be moving around a lot? Are quick adjustments needed? Will the camera stay still the entire shoot?Continue reading “Which Arca Swiss Tripod heads are best for which photography genres?”


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