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Phase One Feature Update 8 The exciting Phase One feature update 8 was announced yesterday and it introduces a variety of new improvements to the XT body, XF body, and the IQ4 Infinity platform. The update includes refinement of speed, features, integration, and workflow flexibility to enhance the capabilities and user-friendly attributes of these Phase One products. The update will beContinue reading

Could This Be The End Of An Era For The 645 Series? The 645 Mamiya systems are a series of medium format film and digital cameras that were manufactured by Mamiya and later on in the series also sold under the name of both Phase One and the original manufacturer Mamiya.  This series’ life started back in 1975 with the M645, the first to offerContinue reading

The X-Shutter Now Available With Select Rodenstock Lenses We’ve got a very exciting announcement to share with you! Finally, the long-awaited availability of the X-Shutter to be used with the IQ4 Digital Backs in combination with Rodenstock and/or Schneider lenses. The X-Shutter is an electronic leaf shutter that is a drop-in replacement for the CopalContinue reading

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