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What makes the broncolor Para different?

The magic of parabolic lighting There are many modifiers on the market that claim to be ‘parabolic’ in shape, but very few of them actually are.True parabolic lights produce a beautiful, sparkly light which is very flattering when it comes to skin tone and ideal for bringing out the detail in textures. The shape and…

NEW Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 40mm f/4 Tilt

The New XT HR Digaron-W 40mm f4 Tilt lens joins the growing list of lenses available for the now familiar Phase One XT. This lens is a welcome addition as it adds the invaluable tilt function that is requires for maximising depth of field. Like the other XT lenses in the range the new 40mm…

Cambo Actus-MV Camera

Maximum Versatility Actus-MV: MV stands for Maximum Versatility. Following the success of the Actus, the new Actus-MV is nothing short of a miniature marvel! The Actus-MV is a fully adjustable view camera that is still compact enough to be your companion for use in the field. It works equally well with digital backs, mirrorless camera…

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