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Capturing the Beauty of Natural Landscapes – Steven Friedman

Imagine finding a 35mm camera, accidentally left behind by its owner in a beautiful nature park at one of the many viewpoints. Almost like the perfect invitation to pick it up and try it out. With no prior experience in photography, Economics graduate Steven Friedman was intrigued after coming across the discarded camera on oneContinue reading “Capturing the Beauty of Natural Landscapes – Steven Friedman”

Is Medium Format worth it?

What is Medium Format? Medium Format refers to a camera that has a sensor size larger than 35mm. This sensor size allows for a wide variety of impressive benefits including extremely high image quality, near perfect colour accuracy, wider dynamic range and much more. But is it really worth the price tag that accompanies it?Continue reading “Is Medium Format worth it?”

Capture One 21 – Update 14.4.0 – Add back the Export tool tab

New Features Additional Exporter options Sigma tethering Password protected sessions for Capture One Live Cross recipe tokens Magic Brush Adjustment Shortcut Improvements New camera/lens support Bug fixes New Features Additional Exporter Options After an out pouring of feedback (mostly negative) about the new exporter, Capture One have decided to introduce the ability to manually addContinue reading “Capture One 21 – Update 14.4.0 – Add back the Export tool tab”

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