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Arca Swiss Tripod Heads – Which series is right for you?

Do you want to learn more about the selection of tripod head series available from Arca Swiss, and their individual qualities and differences? Look no further!

In this blog post we will cover the Arca Swiss:

  • P Series
  • Cube Series
  • Z Series
  • L Series
  • D4 Series

Unmistakable thanks to its unique upside-down ball head design, the P series is a popular choice from the Arca Swiss tripod head selection. The ball heads on the P-series heads have a locking ring instead of a locking knob which enables completely intuitive one-handed operation, paired with their record lightweight, they are perfect for on-the-go photographers who need an easily transportable and simple to operate tripod head. The P series features both the P0 and P1 tripod heads.

The lighter weight P0 is the starter/travel ball head and is geared towards photographers who are looking for affordable yet high-quality precision equipment. The compact design of the P0 could literally fit inside of a jacket pocket making it a great travel companion! This tripod head is precise, stylish and exceedingly strong and durable despite its incredibly light weight.

The P1 is the big brother of the P0. It has a wider diameter and slightly higher weight than its counterpart, but this is what enables this tripod head to handle the greater demands of equipment such as telephoto lenses or even 8×10 large format cameras. Built for photographers looking for something a bit more robust and up to facing the challenges of heavier equipment!

The Cube series is unbeatable when it comes to durability, strength, and precision. The intuitive design allows users to place and adjust heavy cameras with incredible ease and accuracy.

The Cube heads are controlled in the tilt and pitch planes by calibrated, geared mechanisms which are operated by the photographer through the thumb dials, enabling positioning of the head with unrivalled precision. The two panoramic axis allow you to first centre the Cube’s controls to your position with the axis on the base, and then readjust the camera to point straight ahead with the upper axis so that your camera can be panned on a precisely horizontal plane. This is a feature that is incredibly useful especially for panoramic shots! 

Facilitating loads of up to 25kg, the Arca Swiss Cube Series is fantastic for heavy, large format cameras. This makes the Cube Series the perfect choice for photographers looking to shoot landscape, still life and architecture.

Originally, the Arca Swiss B series were the leading selection of tripod heads offered by Arca Swiss. This position has since been replaced by the Z Series, offering the exact same performance but at a smaller size and lower price!

Don’t be fooled though, the Z series may be a cheaper option from Arca Swiss and smaller than its B series predecessor but that doesn’t mean it’s any less sturdy or robust.

The Z series benefits greatly from a “Motion Related Gravity Control” system. This is a variable bi-directional drag system which operates independently on both axis but is stabilized in all directions. With horizontal movements, the friction setting of the ball head remains the same, whereas vertical movements take advantage of the aspherical ball which leads to a progressive increase of the friction as the camera/lens is tipped forward or back. This keeps the head incredibly stable and safe to use!

The Core Leveler geared tripod heads from Arca Swiss are characterized by their high precision and incredibly intuitive handling. Alike the Cube, the camera always remains in the central axis above the tripod and can be levelled easily and precisely with great tilt flexibility.

In addition to the base and top panning mechanisms, the Core Leveler is equipped with micro-metric movements of +/- 15 ° each in the X and Y axes. Two self-locking gears provide fluid and precise movements.

These sturdy tripod heads are another lighter weight option if you’re someone looking for something a bit easier to travel with than, say, the significantly heavier Arca Swiss Cube!

The D4 Series combines the best of both a traditional ball head and a 3D tilt head, uniting the advantages of both systems into one head!

Featuring two locking levers, once unlocked the user can manually maneuver and position the tripod head. One lever controls the vertical movement while the other controls horizontal movement. These can be controlled simultaneously or one at a time, making quick adjustments easy and simple!  Very small movements of the device mean there are almost no deviations of scale when, until now, these have contributed to the reduction of the depth of field in digital photography and too often require painful corrections.

The Brilliant D4 pan and tilt heads offer great build quality and exceptional strength.  They are particularly suitable for precise and effective work in digital studio photography, as well as outdoor architectural photography. The d4 is the world’s smallest, most functional and lightest gear head!

You can browse all mentioned Arca Swiss Tripod Head Series on our website Peartree Photo. Feel free to get in touch if you have any enquirers!


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