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Capturing the Beauty of Natural Landscapes – Steven Friedman

Imagine finding a 35mm camera, accidentally left behind by its owner in a beautiful nature park at one of the many viewpoints. Almost like the perfect invitation to pick it up and try it out. With no prior experience in photography, Economics graduate Steven Friedman was intrigued after coming across the discarded camera on oneContinue reading “Capturing the Beauty of Natural Landscapes – Steven Friedman”


Is Medium Format worth it?

What is Medium Format? Medium Format refers to a camera that has a sensor size larger than 35mm. This sensor size allows for a wide variety of impressive benefits including extremely high image quality, near perfect colour accuracy, wider dynamic range and much more. But is it really worth the price tag that accompanies it?Continue reading “Is Medium Format worth it?”

Fine Art, Fashion & Portraiture Photography by Bella Kotak

Fine art, fashion, and portraiture photography (often combined as one cohesive subject) is photographer Bella Kotak’s expertise. Photography for many is an incredible form of escapism allowing the photographer to explore their own unique and creative perspective on the world and present it through the images they capture. This is exactly how I would describeContinue reading “Fine Art, Fashion & Portraiture Photography by Bella Kotak”

The NEW rotaFoot Adapter from Arca Swiss

Arca Swiss have released the new and exciting rotaFoot, an adapter that allows for the combination of the latest mirrorless digital camera technology with the unbeatable design and precision advantages of the Arca Swiss view camera systems. It requires the use of one of the following four DSLR bellows with magnetic connection: Fitted with aContinue reading “The NEW rotaFoot Adapter from Arca Swiss”

Arca Swiss Tripod Heads – Which series is right for you?

Do you want to learn more about the selection of tripod head series available from Arca Swiss, and their individual qualities and differences? Look no further! In this blog post we will cover the Arca Swiss: P Series Cube Series Z Series L Series D4 Series Unmistakable thanks to its unique upside-down ball head design,Continue reading “Arca Swiss Tripod Heads – Which series is right for you?”

The Journey Of Self-Taught Fine Art Photographer Stefano Gardel

Discovering a passion for photography is something anyone can do at any point in their lives. However, sometimes it is easy to feel disheartened as a newbie or as someone who hasn’t ever so much as touched a camera. The professional world of photography can most certainly give off an intimidating aura, with so muchContinue reading “The Journey Of Self-Taught Fine Art Photographer Stefano Gardel”