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Creating New Photography Projects During a Global Pandemic – Alessandro Belluscio

Alessandro Belluscio is an Italian Photographer based in Engadin, Switzerland. He specializes in action-based photography, especially mountain sports such as freeskiing. Naturally, such sports require travelling the world and traversing tough terrains, all of which Alessandro loves to do!

Sport and Photography have been a part of Alessandro’s life since he was a child, but his journey in photography really began when he was around 20 years old, after having moved to the mountains.

After the first time that his work had been recognised and published, he realised that this was going to be his career for life, traveling the world, meeting new people, and capturing various sports in a variety of locations. Sharing the thrill of the action with others through the lens of his camera is what this photographer does best.

Capturing freeskiing athletes in action is something Alessandro also specialises in. He has stated that this particular subject matter takes a great deal of patience, passion and experience.

“A Photographer has to be athletic and daring as – if not more so – than the athlete he wants to capture” – Alessandro Belluscio

Alessandro has been capturing photography around the world for many years now, but a new challenge for him (and all of us) has been the recent global pandemic that has interrupted the world’s everyday life for a year now. It goes without saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has limited the travel possibilities for photographers like Alessandro.

For someone whose subject is often against a snowy, mountainous background – not being able to travel as freely as usual is an issue. But Alessandro recently put his creativity and innovation to use in a new, Covid-restriction abiding project!

In this photoshoot Alessandro skilfully manufactured the atmosphere and visuals of an ‘Ice Cave’ within the confines of a studio. His use of carefully placed lighting and makeshift ice in the form of polyethylene film sculpt a man-made recreation of the beauty of nature.

He had to take into consideration what elements created the visuals and atmosphere of caves, thinking back on what he has seen in his journeys around the world for inspiration and ideas. He came up with a few words that he felt related to an ice cave, ‘blue’, ‘cold’ and ‘silent’, and finding the perfect balance of these elements is something achievable through composition, props, subjects, but most importantly – lighting.

Lighting is ultimately what pulls an image together, and in this photoshoot it was vital to accomplishing the underlying mood and imitation of natural ice. Alessandro relied on Broncolor for his lighting requirements.

“Two Scoro 3200S with 2 Pulso G each, two Siros S, and a Siros L was the choice.

One Scoro 3200S on the back filtered blue-cyan for the main backlight. One Siros S filtered blue for the main top cold light.

The other Siros S and Siros L bounced on each side for the lateral light.

The second Scoro 3200S in the front: one Pulso G with a Softbox and the other one fixed on a Para88 reflected.”

I have to say, one more time, Bron made the difference and made it possible to play with the elements in the clearest way possible. – Alessandro Belluscio

To see more of Alessandro Belluscio’s work, visit his website.

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