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Dennis Gilbert 1951-2021 Architectural Photographer and Past Client of Peartree Photo

Architectural Photographer Dennis Gilbert has sadly passed away at the age of 70. Over his years he contributed majorly to the industry of architectural photography and was a respected past client of our own.

Born in South Africa, Dennis was initially training as an engineer but left Africa in 1975. He went on to study Photography at the California Institute of the Arts just north of Los Angeles, and after completing his studies he moved to London.

Photography by Dennis Gilbert

Fast forward a couple years to 1983, Dennis established the first architectural archive – View Pictures. A place for brilliant architecture photography from incredibly talented Photographers that now holds the archives of over 50 of the world’s most respected and talented photographers of architecture and interior design.

Dennis’s continued talent and skilled work did not go un-noticed, in 2005 he was recognised by the Royal Institute of British Architects – receiving an Honorary Fellowship [Hon FRIBA] award for his contribution to architecture.

Photography by Dennis Gilbert

However, challenges and changes to the photography industry are always inevitable. Dennis himself lived through the huge transition from film to digital photography in the early 1990’s. Somewhat reluctant to follow, it would seem, as he didn’t invest in digital technology till 2007!

“I first met Dennis Gilbert in 2007, and he made quite an impression on me as he was tall in stature, an imposing figure, but also softly spoken, a real gentleman.

This was also Dennis’s first taste of Digital, and I’m sure like many photographers of his era he was a reluctant convert. But he also knew that the world would leave him behind if he didn’t embrace the technology, and I respected him for this acknowledgment.

This was a big investment for Dennis, he was now in his twilight years and was probably thinking about his retirement plan, not a 20k camera investment!

We introduced Dennis to the Leaf Aptus 75 33mp and the Arca Swiss 6×9 camera, and to be fair to Dennis he took to it like a duck to water, requiring very little hand holding from me.

I will remember Dennis fondly as the gentle giant of Architectural photography, and the world will certainly miss his talent.”

– Lawrie, director at Peartree Photo.

Dennis Gilbert


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