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Which Arca Swiss Tripod heads are best for which photography genres?

Does it really matter?

Yes! It absolutely matters when choosing the appropriate photography gear that you make sure it suits the specific needs of your photoshoot, even when it comes to your tripod head.

Are you going to be moving around a lot? Are quick adjustments needed? Will the camera stay still the entire shoot? How heavy is the camera? These factors and more are important to consider, as certain Arca Swiss tripod heads are more suited to some needs than others.

Photography Genres


Take a look at the below chart for a quick comparison between tripod heads.


Fashion is often a fast paced and demanding industry. To capture the perfect shots you need the ability to make rapid, controlled adjustments. You will often be on the move around the studio/on location rather than setting up your tripod and having it be stationary all day.

That is what makes tripod heads like the three p’s (P0, P0 Hybrid and P1) incredibly suited towards the fashion photography environment. Their locking ring allows for completely intuitive one-handed operation and speedy adjustments and their light weight makes them a very manoeuvrable piece of equipment.

Alike the p series the z series also allows for both quick and precise movements, although at a higher weight.

Bulky tripod heads like the Cube are more suited to slow and very specific adjustments which simply aren’t needed in the fashion photography industry.


When it comes to landscape, practically all the Arca Swiss tripod heads are suitable. They all have their individual pro’s and con’s over each other. But ultimately for a basic landscape shot, the hardest decision when it comes to a tripod head is the price you’re willing to pay!

Pay more and get the unparalleled precision and quality of the Arca Swiss Cube. Not willing to drop a grand and half on a tripod head? No problem! Opt for the cheaper D4 Series. Want an even cheaper option? Consider a Z Series or P Series.

Refer back to our main chart to help quickly compare the main differences between the heads.


Panorama is the process of stitching several photos together to create a high resolution, wide angle of view. With panorama you can truly capture the full scale of a landscape.

It is entirely possible to capture a panorama without a tripod however it is highly recommended! And along with that tripod you need a tripod head flexible enough for you to be able to pan from left to right with ease.

We would recommend either the Cube or the D4. The Cube’s design is incredibly useful for panorama shots, the two panoramic axis allow you to first centre the Cube’s controls to your position with the axis on the base, and then readjust the camera to point straight ahead with the upper axis so that your camera can be panned on a precisely horizontal plane. Perfect for a panoramic shot!

Similarly with the D4, its design allows you to control the vertical and horizontal axis separately (or at the same time) which makes it another great contender for panoramic shots.


When shooting product photography you need a tripod head that is going to have a strong hold on the camera while also allowing minor adjustments to be made with ease, without disturbing the composition that you’ve already achieved.

As you probably expect by now, the Cube is one of the absolute winners for this photography genre. Strong, sturdy, and incredibly precise.

For a cheaper price however, you can get your hands on the Z2 ball head, brilliant for product photography thanks to it’s pan-tilt-like mechanism allowing for each axis to be controlled by separate knobs for quick adjustments and it’s sturdy structure which allows for up to 80kg of load.

With similar capabilities the p0 Hybrid is also a great choice for product photography, the head pivots on a curve which keeps the camera centred on the product you’re photographing while allowing for minor corrections to be made to the pitch and tilt.


Architecture requires precision, tilt accuracy and reliable strength that can hold up heavy equipment.

The obvious choice is the Cube, being the sturdiest of the Arca Swiss tripod heads it can face up to the weighty challenge of a large format camera while also allowing for minor and precise adjustments in all axis.

A close second goes to the Z2, with a load capacity only 20kg lower than the Cube and its useful individual axis adjustments as we mentioned already.

The P0 Hybrid is also a good choice especially if you’re looking for a lighter weight tripod head, at only 500g. However with its more travelable weight you will sacrifice some load capacity, but if you’re looking to use lighter cameras (below 20kg) and want a tripod head that can deliver the precise adjustments you need while also being easy to carry around the city with you, the the P0 Hybrid is for you!


Macro photography is the practice of photography tiny objects close up. It requires specialist gear and a specific set of skills. For this photography type, a geared tripod head is a must!

You can’t beat their precision and the level of stability and control they can offer you which is especially useful with something as precise as macro photography.

That’s why the cube, P0 hybrid (combining a ball head with geared mechanics) and the Z2 are the top picks for this type of photography work.

When shooting macro, steer clear of the P0, which although absolutely has its perks elsewhere, is far too loose and suited to quick, less refined movements.


Shooting wildlife is not easy. The unpredictable and skittish nature of wild animals makes lining up that shot quickly and efficiently very important.

Oh look! A beautiful owl is circling that field over there! But fiddle with the framing and camera settings for just a second too long and the photo opportunity will have passed.

That’s why the z1g+ takes the lead in this category. The z1g+ is small and easy to travel with on your wildlife hunts and offers excellent, quick adjustments of the camera allowing you to frame a shot in seconds.

It is a bit larger and heavier than it’s predecessor the z1, so if you want something a tad lighter the z1 is another great choice. Both Z’s benefit greatly from a “Motion Related Gravity Control” system. This means the more a camera tilts off the axis the more friction and hold the head will give, preventing any flopping or slamming of your camera.

The p0 is another good choice thanks to its one handed manoeuvrability with the quick and easy locking ring, making it another tripod head great for when you need to line a shot up swiftly.

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