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What makes the broncolor Para different?

The magic of parabolic lighting There are many modifiers on the market that claim to be ‘parabolic’ in shape, but very few of them actually are. True parabolic lights produce a beautiful, sparkly light which is very flattering when it comes to skin tone and ideal for bringing out the detail in textures. The shapeContinue reading “What makes the broncolor Para different?”


Could This Be The End Of An Era For The 645 Series?

The 645 Mamiya systems are a series of medium format film and digital cameras that were manufactured by Mamiya and later on in the series also sold under the name of both Phase One and the original manufacturer Mamiya.  This series’ life started back in 1975 with the M645, the first to offer a 6×4.5cm frame, allowing 15 shots on a standard 120 roll film.Continue reading “Could This Be The End Of An Era For The 645 Series?”