Documenting the lives of ‘The Mountain Men’ – Jeroen Nieuwhuis

Jeroen Nieuwhuis is a professional photographer from the Netherlands who specializes in Commercial & Portraiture photography. Discovering a passion for Photography At the young age of 11 he loved to skateboard, but found his love didn’t quite match his skill level as he wasn’t very good at it! However, this lead him to becoming moreContinue reading “Documenting the lives of ‘The Mountain Men’ – Jeroen Nieuwhuis”

Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.1 – Introducing Capture One Live

Capture One Live is a service that integrates with Capture One Pro and allows Photographers to share any photo folder in real time with their clients, who can then view and rate them from their own device. This allows for more collaboration between photographer and client, making it far easier for you both to beContinue reading “Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.1 – Introducing Capture One Live”

Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.0 – NEW Magic Brush & More

Capture One 21 has released a new update version 14.3.0, introducing a brand new masking tool called the ‘Magic Brush’ and other user interface improvements, bug fixes and added camera support. New features/Improvements Magic Brush Improved Exporter Asset Management Tethering Improvement Additional Camera and Lens Support Magic Brush tool The Magic Brush tool is anContinue reading “Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.0 – NEW Magic Brush & More”

Which Arca Swiss Tripod heads are best for which photography genres?

Does it really matter? Yes! It absolutely matters when choosing the appropriate photography gear that you make sure it suits the specific needs of your photoshoot, even when it comes to your tripod head. Are you going to be moving around a lot? Are quick adjustments needed? Will the camera stay still the entire shoot?Continue reading “Which Arca Swiss Tripod heads are best for which photography genres?”

Dennis Gilbert 1951-2021 Architectural Photographer and Past Client of Peartree Photo

Architectural Photographer Dennis Gilbert has sadly passed away at the age of 70. Over his years he contributed majorly to the industry of architectural photography and was a respected past client of our own. Born in South Africa, Dennis was initially training as an engineer but left Africa in 1975. He went on to studyContinue reading “Dennis Gilbert 1951-2021 Architectural Photographer and Past Client of Peartree Photo”

The Photography Show is back at NEC for the first time since 2019!

The Photography Show is an event in the UK for anyone with a passion for photography, whether you’ve been a professional photographer for 10 years or you’re a beginner exploring a new hobby. All are welcome to the event where you can listen to talks and demos on a huge range of topics held byContinue reading “The Photography Show is back at NEC for the first time since 2019!”

Bringing back photographic techniques from the early 1900’s – Simon Puschmann

Award winning photographer and Phase One Ambassador Simon Puschmann has been creating unique and stunning imagery for over 30 years, working alongside high end brands such as McLaren, BMW, Porsche and many many more. Simon dabbles in a wide range of genres from automotive photography to fine art & still life shots, never shying awayContinue reading “Bringing back photographic techniques from the early 1900’s – Simon Puschmann”

Cascable – Finally, a mobile app for the Phase One IQ4!

Phase One have teamed up with Cascable, creators of a leading photography workflow app, to develop a dedicated IOS app for the Phase One IQ4! Shoot, automate, manage, and much more all from your mobile device. What kind of features are available? The exact features available in the Cascable app will depend on which cameraContinue reading “Cascable – Finally, a mobile app for the Phase One IQ4!”

Capture One Support for Apple M1

Finally, the most recent Capture One 21 update (14.2.0) brings with it native support for the Apple M1! With industry-leading performance, powerful features and incredible efficiency, M1 is Apple’s first chip designed specifically for the Mac. Many Professional Photographers know the pain of having a Mac book that has heated up to volcanic temperatures sittingContinue reading “Capture One Support for Apple M1”

Capture One Enterprise – Built for Businesses

Capture One Enterprise is an editing solution built with businesses and e-commerce platforms in mind. With an expanded set of features that will help significantly improve and accelerate your workflow, reduce marketing cost and time, and eliminate the possibility of human error when it comes to inputting important data. Expanded Feature Set includes: Integrated barcodeContinue reading “Capture One Enterprise – Built for Businesses”

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