What makes the broncolor Para different?

The magic of parabolic lighting

There are many modifiers on the market that claim to be ‘parabolic’ in shape, but very few of them actually are.

True parabolic lights produce a beautiful, sparkly light which is very flattering when it comes to skin tone and ideal for bringing out the detail in textures. The shape and reflective properties of the modifier allow for great control over the focus and contrast produced by the light — one of the main advantages of these modifiers.

Comparing the Para with alternative solutions

Unmatchable 3D effect

The Para system convinces with an incredible three-dimensional light, especially when used in a defocused position. Where does this extraordinary three-dimensional light characteristic come from?

The light is reflected in the 24 segments of the Para and focused depending on the position of the focusing tube. The strongest luminosity is in the centre of the motive you like to shoot. The luminosity decreases from this point in all directions; at the edge of the motive only half of the light hits the surface. Thanks to this, a white dress, for instance, against a white background can be perfectly separated.

Despite its size, a Para is not a soft light. The typical Para light has no diffusion and no contrast-reducing light close to the shooting axis as known from other larger light shapers. The unique Para product design enables the distinctive and very beautiful skin texture in portraits.

Genius & Swiss handcrafted

broncolor Para never ceases to impress.

Manufactured with love in Switzerland . At broncolor, we are driven by customer satisfaction. The daily motivation of every member of our big family is to support photographers in reaching their ambitious goals. We work with passion to make the decisive difference! With the broncolor Para system, every shoot becomes a success: incredible light variability from soft to spot-like in a lightweight and compact design.

The four big ones

In addition to the four sizes of Para, the Para 88 HR and the Para 133 HR allow to use continuous light at up to a maximum of 2000 W output. The apex zone of Para 88 HR and 133 HR is made of a specially heat-resistant material.

The Para 177 and 222 can also be used with continuous light without being equipped with the specially heat-resistant coating.


Follow the commercial lifestyle photographer Erik Valind and watch as he sets up the Para 88 & 177 in his studio within 60 seconds without any tools.

Assembly of broncolor Para 88 and 133 in 60 seconds
Assembly of broncolor Para 177 and 222 in 60 seconds

Now that you have had a tour of the broncolor Para system, click the link below and take advantage of the promotional pricing and the free gift (broncolor Light Grid) with every Para purchased

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