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Cambo Actus-MV Camera

Maximum Versatility

Actus-MV – shown with Rodenstock Digaron X-Shutter & Phase One IQ4 150mp

Actus-MV: MV stands for Maximum Versatility. Following the success of the Actus, the new Actus-MV is nothing short of a miniature marvel! The Actus-MV is a fully adjustable view camera that is still compact enough to be your companion for use in the field. It works equally well with digital backs, mirrorless camera bodies and DSLRs. No matter how your photography develops, the Actus-MV is ready for it and will evolve alongside camera and digital back technology.

Actus-MV (base) A solid foundation in which all camera movements are integrated. To facilitate packing, the front and rear standards can be separated from the optical bench without requiring tools. The rear standard can be completed with a choice of adapters for virtually every digital back available. To enable the use of a camera body as your digital back, Cambo offer bayonets for most DSLR and Mirrorless cameras on the market. At the front standard, the Actus-MV accepts all lens plates from the vast Actus range. Including medium format adapters, lens plates for X-Shutter lenses and (legacy) leaf shutter lenses. Furthermore, Cambo offers a steadily expanding range of Actar lenses.

various adapters for legacy lenses
various bayonets Mirrorless/DSLR
bayonets for Mirrorless Medium Format

The Actus-MV is a 21st-century view camera. It has all the refinements today’s high-resolution sensors require. Thanks to its modular design the same platform accepts mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and digital backs. No matter how your photography develops, the Actus-MV is ready and will evolve alongside camera and digital back technology.        

Front and Rear standards being separated for portability

Generous Movement
Both standards provide generous geared movements. There’s rise/fall and shift at the front and rear. When working with an inclined rail, tilting both standards restores perpendicularity when needed. To position the plane of focus where it’s required, the front standard features swing and tilt. The latter has a Dual Ratio gear (1:5) which makes it easier to dial in extremely small increments. There’s a similar mechanism at the rear for fine focusing. Unintended movements are avoided by tightening the friction knobs on the left side of the camera.

Medium Format
For the Phase One/Mamiya and Hasselblad-V interface, Cambo offers adapters with integrated portrait/landscape rotation. The Cambo digital back frame ACDB-989 accepts the well-known SLW interface plates, as used on the Cambo Actus-DB2 and WRS cameras. Every digital back – including discontinued models – can be attached.

the Actus-MV is shown with a Rodenstock Digaron lens fitted with Phase One X-Shutter. Combined with an IQ4 digital back this offers unprecedented ease of use. The Actus-MV plays equally well with DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. Thanks to their design the latter gives access to an enormous choice of lenses. Working with the camera body’s focal plane shutter makes a leaf shutter redundant. Most Rodenstock lenses are therefore available in Aperture Mount and Cambo offers an ever-expanding range of Actar lenses alongside several adapters to attach your legacy medium format lenses.

Actus MV with Rodenstock Digaron Lens in X-Shutter
Actus-MV with Digital Back frame ACDB-989 integrated portrait/landscape rotation

Due to its compatibility with the older more established Actus camera, the MV shares many accessories. Here’s the current list


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