Why You Need a Dedicated Camera Bag for Outdoor Photography

Are you a photographer that loves travel, adventure, and photographing the beauty of natural landscapes?

Many photographers just like you enjoy venturing into the wilderness to photograph stunning natural settings, be it the glistening snow on mountain tops or the luscious green foliage of a rain forest.

However, an adventurous photographer needs a dedicated camera bag for their valuable camera equipment.

What a good camera bag will prevent

Unpredictable weather and moisture are both major threats, especially if your camera and lens do not have weather sealing. Climbing over rocky cliffs and squeezing past trees through a tightly packed forest and you could risk knocks and bumps which can also seriously cause some damage to your gear!

Nature is unpredictable so it makes sense to have a bag that you know is up to the challenge of keeping your camera equipment safe, dry, and fully protected when on your back and not in your hands.


The obvious, number one reason to invest in a dedicated camera bag – protection.

You wouldn’t invest in an expensive, brand new laptop and carry it around in a plastic carrier bag! You buy a good, high-quality laptop case to protect your valuable investment.

Same goes for your camera equipment, when in your bag on your back you want to have the knowledge that your bag will keep out moisture and soften the blow from any knocks or bumps, keeping your gear safe and protected.


Why choose a dedicated camera bag over a regular bag? Well, a bag made with a certain type of equipment in mind will be far more efficient at protecting that equipment. A dedicated bag will also be designed with the way in which photographers work in mind, such as how they would access their gear.

For example, most camera backpacks include front/back opening mechanisms making the process of accessing your equipment much more efficient. They also often have many pockets inside and outside of the bag great for storing multiple devices for workflow, accessories, and necessities for travel. 

Some camera bags also feature compatible RCI’s (removable camera inserts) that slot into the backpack, offering additional protection and allowing you to organise your gear accordingly.


As mentioned in the previous section, RCI’s allow you to keep organised. The additional padding in between individual pieces of equipment prevent them from rubbing or knocking against each other and you’ll always know exactly where everything is.

The many internal pockets that you’ll find in most camera bags are great for accessories, but also very useful for other non-photographic gear that you’ll also want to carry such as your keys, wallet and phone.


Camera bags are notoriously comfortable, designed to support all kinds of gear including the heavier stuff while still sitting nicely on your back with padded straps. Bags made for heavier equipment will be especially designed to efficiently support such weight on your back without causing you unnecessary strain or discomfort.

An Adventure Bag for Every Situation

Adventure-style camera bags are best suited to the photographers who will often be travelling and out in natural settings for their photoshoots. These bags are tailored to the workflow and strenuous environment that a photographer may find themselves in when photographing out in the wilderness.

An example of a fantastic adventure camera bag is the NYA-EVO Fjord range.

There is a bag for each type of situation. Whether that be a quick 2 hour excursion, or an overnight hike.

Why Choose NYA-EVO Backpacks?

The NYA-EVO Fjord backpacks are adaptable, durable and reliable, designed specifically for the adventurous photographers that need a bag up to the challenge of keeping gear safe and protected in all kinds of wild settings. Made with high quality materials and designed with photographer’s workflow and needs in mind.

There is a bag for each type of situation. Whether that be a quick 2 hour excursion, or an overnight hike.

Fjord 26

Small, light-weight and great for short trips


Small and easy to carry

User-friendly design

Fjord 36

Best all-rounder for size and capacity

Compact design

Comfortable to wear

Great for any adventure

Fjord 60-C

Large capacity made for heavy equipment and longer journeys

Large capacity up to 60l

Durable and sturdy design

Made for heavy gear

Fjord 26

The Fjord 26 is the smallest in the Fjord range of Adventure Backpacks, perfectly suited to short trips that won’t require much bag space for additional travel items.

Not the choice if you want to go on a big hike or need to carry much else other than your camera equipment.

Fjord 36

The Fjord 36 is a great all-rounder, balancing capacity and comfort perfectly for any journey that might require a little more photographic gear and/or misc equipment.

Still a wonderful choice for those shorter trips but not the best for incredibly long journeys or a trip that requires a lot of additional equipment.

Fjord 60-C

The Fjord 60-C is the ultimate backpack for big adventures that require larger, heavier camera equipment and more additional gear. Such as changes of clothes, food, or even a pair of skis or a sleeping bag that can be attached to the bag externally!

It comes with a hydration system sleeve along with an internal laptop sleeve that will fit most 15 inch laptops. Meaning you can edit your photos while on the move!

This is definetley not the bag for a short trip as its size and capacity are overkill for a 2 hour stroll!

The Fjord range is available in multiple colours, including graphite black, pine gree, midnight blue and powder white. Find the backpack that suits your adventurous photography needs and fashion sense on our website today!

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