Capturing the Beauty of Natural Landscapes – Steven Friedman

Imagine finding a 35mm camera, accidentally left behind by its owner in a beautiful nature park at one of the many viewpoints. Almost like the perfect invitation to pick it up and try it out.

With no prior experience in photography, Economics graduate Steven Friedman was intrigued after coming across the discarded camera on one of his autumn hikes through Gatineau Park. He had always had an interested in photography, so when he was practically handed the opportunity to dip his toes in, he took it!

Not to say he stole the camera! After contacting the park ranger he offered to leave his details and promptly return it if the owner ever got in contact – but they never did.

And that marked the beginning of Steven’s photography journey. Starting as a simple passion for capturing beautiful images on the camera he had found, he eventually progressed to a professional level using more advanced gear and finding his photographic footing in landscape photography.

Steven is interested in capturing and taming the chaos of nature within his images, using the perfect composition and waiting patiently for the right weather conditions to capture the shots exactly as he wants them.

“Remote and inaccessible regions are my interest. I want to photograph unique intimate landscape and go to locations that are seldom visited exploring the wilderness.”

Steven Friedman

Nature can be unpredictable, difficult to traverse and capture – but also wonderful. Steven Friedman’s landscape photography truly encapsulates the beauty in the colours and patterns created by nature.

Since upgrading from his free 35mm camera, Steven now shoots with the Medium Format Phase One XF Camera system. This camera allows for the capture of a wide dynamic range and near-perfect accuracy when it comes to colour reproduction. Giving Steven the freedom he needs to be able to capture the stunning authenticity of the natural landscapes he shoots.

Credit @friedmanphoto on Instagram

Steven Friedman produces beautiful large prints from his photography, both for sale and display in galleries such as The Avens Gallery. Shooting with the Phase One XF gives Steven the ability to print large without having to worry about loss of resolution being an issue.

See more of Steven Friedman’s work on his website.

Interested in the photography gear used in this story? Check it out on our website!

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