Capture One 21 – Update 14.3.1 – Introducing Capture One Live

Capture One Live is a service that integrates with Capture One Pro and allows Photographers to share any photo folder in real time with their clients, who can then view and rate them from their own device. This allows for more collaboration between photographer and client, making it far easier for you both to be on the same page when working on a photoshoot.

This feature is in BETA testing currently, and you’ll have to update your Capture One to the newest version (14.3.1) as well as sign up at to get access to the service if you want to try it out early! We have no official release date currently. 

Find the ‘Live’ tab in the ‘Capture’ menu as shown below.

Select which folder you want to share.

Click ‘Start Sharing’ to go live.

Either directly email the session link or copy it to your clipboard.

The session will remain live until you end it manually or or until 24 hours has passed. The start and expiry time of the session will be listed once the session has been started. Then, once you have shared the link to your client they can click on it/paste it into any browser to open up the live session and start reviewing, rating, and colour tagging your images.

When Capture One Live goes out of beta, it will be available as an add-on service. 

Shop Capture One on our website

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