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Cascable – Finally, a mobile app for the Phase One IQ4!

Phase One have teamed up with Cascable, creators of a leading photography workflow app, to develop a dedicated IOS app for the Phase One IQ4! Shoot, automate, manage, and much more all from your mobile device.

What kind of features are available?

The exact features available in the Cascable app will depend on which camera is being used with the IQ4.

Accessing the camera view finder from your mobile device is incredibly useful especially in situations where your camera is at an awkward angle/position.

Access tools such as Grids, Histogram and Focus Peaking via your phone/tablet. Quickly enable or disable them in the settings to enhance your workflow.

Easily and remotely adjust your camera settings and capture images, all from your mobile device! Send them to card or straight to your phone/tablet.

The announcement of the Cascable app is certainly welcome news to Phase One IQ4 users. For the earlier digital backs (IQ3 and older) the ‘Capture Pilot’ app provided similar mobile features such as remote view, capture and settings adjustment etc. However the IQ4 was unfortunately not supported by this app, leaving users of the newest digital back feeling left out.

Well, with the introduction of this new app – no longer will you IQ4 users be excluded!…Unless you only own Android devices, sorry! The app is supported only on IOS. For those of you with an Apple device however, you can now drastically simplify your workflow when shooting with the IQ4!

Learn more about the features of Cascable in the video below.

Download Cascable on the app store today!


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