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Capture One Enterprise – Built for Businesses

Capture One Enterprise is an editing solution built with businesses and e-commerce platforms in mind. With an expanded set of features that will help significantly improve and accelerate your workflow, reduce marketing cost and time, and eliminate the possibility of human error when it comes to inputting important data.

Expanded Feature Set includes:

Capture One Enterprise comes with all the features and benefits of the industry standard Capture One 21 Pro as well as the above additional features designed specifically for improving workflow in high-volume business environments where time is money and efficiency is key!

Entirely new to the wonderful world of Capture One? Read about some of the features of the standard Capture One 21 on our website. But if your here to learn more about Enterprise’s additional features then keep on reading!

Integrated barcode scanner

Capture One Enterprise supports barcode scanners, simply connect one and scan the codes as you go to automatically identify and name assets during shoots. This brilliant feature saves hours of work by cutting back on time-consuming manual data entry. Who really wants to spend time reading endless strings of numbers from tiny barcodes and painstakingly typing them by hand? Not me!

In turn, this also eliminates the possibility of human error when entering asset names and numbers, reducing the risk of mistakes that can end up wasting valuable company time. Mac users can also script actions to further enhance the scanning workflow!

Grids, guides, and overlays

The Enterprise version of Capture One includes enhanced alignment tools to simplify the process of creating your Guides and Grids. Create Guides and Grids as pre-sets for increased productivity. Plus, transfer the Guides in processed files to use in Photoshop. Integrates with the Capture Pilot app for remote live review.

Creating and using your own pre-set guides is incredibly useful when you want a set of photographs of certain objects/products to be lined up and sized similarly, the use of a guide will help in effortlessly getting the composition and cropping right for every image.

Improved Metadata Handling

Metadata can be very useful when organizing photos or simply to brand images with some indications of the image type or photo creator. It is also possible to create your own Metadata Presets (a collection of values).

The ‘Next Capture Metadata’ tool is a feature available only in Enterprise, and it allows you to enter the relevant color tag, rating, and metadata that should be associated with the next captured images. This makes applying the relevant metadata to your images a much simpler process, you can modify the relevant areas of the metadata while retaining the rest of the entered info rather than re-entering everything for every single image.

Automated backup of images

Tired of losing your hard work due to crashes and other unforeseen circumstances? Well, with Enterprise your captured images can be automatically duplicated to another drive to remove the risk of losing your work. Another great time saver!

Workspace Locks

Lock aspects of your Capture One Enterprise workspace to prevent changes, unwanted interruptions and to keep your working practices compliant.

This feature is useful especially for large operations with multiple people working on different aspects of the same project. Ensure only the people who need to have access to certain settings have that access while other workers are limited as necessary.

Custom Workflow Enhancements

New scripting support (Using Apple Script, meaning this is for Mac users only) enables custom workflow enhancements, even more streamlined data entry and inter-application communication to align with your workflows.

For more info or technical support from Capture One with using this feature you can get in touch with their dedicated Studio sales team via their contact form. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the contact form).

Want to browse the different Capture One Enterprise perpetual license and subscription options? You can do so on our website! Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about Capture One.


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