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The NEW rotaFoot Adapter from Arca Swiss

Arca Swiss have released the new and exciting rotaFoot, an adapter that allows for the combination of the latest mirrorless digital camera technology with the unbeatable design and precision advantages of the Arca Swiss view camera systems.

It requires the use of one of the following four DSLR bellows with magnetic connection:

Fitted with a bayonet, the rotaFoot rotating mechanism will make changes from landscape to portrait orientation simple and fast. These two positions are
marked by a snap-in detent that may be overridden for a rotation that is not mechanically limited. The bellows remains attached to the rotaFoot during handling and changing orientation, therefore your digital sensor will not be exposed to dust and other environmental factors.

Arca-Swiss offer two main versions of the rotaFoot, the rotaFoot and the rotaFoot GFX100, both including an Arca Swiss Universalis compatible version.

The rotaFoot GFX100, has been designed specifically for
the larger FUJI GFX100 and includes a dedicated bayonet mount and 20mm
front frame extender. Its shape takes into account the lower grip of the
GFX100 body, which provides the shortest extensions possible to be
compatible with Canon T-SE lenses.

The interchangeable rotaFoot bayonet mounts may be purchased separately for
additional digital cameras and are easily installed and secured to the rotaFoot with screws.

You can also grab some spare screws in case you misplace the ones that come with your rotaFoot!

Bayonets Currently Available with the rotaFoot

-Fuji GFX
-Sony E
-Canon R
-Nikon Z
-L-mount (Leica, Panasonic, Sigma)
-Hasselblad X
-Lecia M

This selection of bayonets is set to be expanded upon in the future, so keep an eye out if there’s a particular mount you’re after that isn’t yet included!

Give our blog a follow if you’re interested in hearing more about new products, updates and interesting stories from within the professional photography industry! Shop the rotaFoot and rotaFoot bayonets on our website.


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